Being punctual is appreciated. Class begins at 8:00am unless otherwise stated on the class posting. Please arrive to class on time, this includes after a short break and after lunch break.

While in class, please have phones turned down and if needed, excuse yourself from the classroom to use your phone.

Please park your vehicle anywhere other than the first row.

Please remove hats, ballcaps, etc… while you are in training.

Please ensure that you sign the class Roster sheet each day of training.

Please take the time to fill out an evaluation form after each training course.  Your comments are important to MTTU IV and we are committed to having quality training for our officers.

If you need to use any office equipment, please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to assist you.

Please help yourself to any refreshments (coffee and donuts are complimentary). Soda and water is .50 and is located in the refrigerator.  Refreshments are permitted in the classroom.

Smoking is not permitted in the building. The designated smoking area is in front of the building by the smoking receptacle.

Please do not interrupt the instructor or other students while training is on going.

Restrooms are located on site and are available for your use. They are maintained daily. We ask that you respect our facilities.

Please be mindful of your comments and be respectful of those around you.