Registrations are to be online through the MTTU IV website. The agency head or

The designee are the only people authorized to submit the registration. All fields on the registration form are to be populated.

      By clicking on the month tab, you can now view each course offered in a drop down format. If you wish to view the course flyer, just click “view flyer”. When you wish to submit a registration, just click “register”. If you care to add another course as part of the registration, just click “register for additional course”. When complete, submit your registration.

      You can also view courses by clicking on the Training Calendar tab. You will have the same ability to do as stated above.

      Most times, for MTTU IV members there is no fee. We ask our non MTTU IV members to be mindful of training fees. The training flyer will reflect the cost of training. When a registration is successfully completed and submitted, a response is “kick backed” to the senders email indicating that that the submission was successful.