In house training by MTTU IV member agencies cannot be encouraged enough.  Often enough agencies have annual in house training. Due to the mandated training guidelines, as set forth in the Police & Community Reform Act implemented in January 1, 2016, it can benefit agencies to have in house training certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board and have the Mandatory Training Guidelines apply to their training.

MTTU IV has provided a set of instructions on how to proceed on obtaining Course Certification for in house training.

Mobile Team Training Unit IV Agencies Providing In-House Training

The MTTU IV Staff is available to assist member agencies in certifying and determining the Mandatory Training Key Guidelines for In-House Training. In house training will be vetted  according to  MTTU IV Vetting Policy.  To conform to the vetting policy Agencies must submit the following information 30 days prior to the In-House Training.

Pre-Class requirements, must be submitted 30 days prior to the class

  • Name of the course
  • Length of Course in hours
  • Course Description
    • A Course Outline with the specific topics to be covered is acceptable
    • Power Point slides, 6 per page, with specific topics to be covered is acceptable
  • Instructor Qualifications. The following must be submitted for each instructor.
    • Current Dated Resume or Biography clearly detailing their education, training and experience relating to the topic being taught
    • Copies of instructor certifications for the topic being taught.

Note: Each instructor only needs to submit one copy of their Biography, but a copy of their instructor certification for each topic they are teaching in the class.  Example: The instructor Biography indicated they are certified to teach firearms, arrest and control tactics, vehicle code, active shooter, and ALICE. The in-house training is for Vehicle Code, only the instructor biography and the certification for Vehicle Code would need to be submitted.

POST-Class Requirements

  • Each attendee must complete a MTTU IV Enrollment Form- Click here; all requested information must be completed.
  • Each attendee must complete a MTTU IV Evaluation Form- Click here; noting each instructor in the appropriate area of the form
  • The Agency must immediately submit the Enrollment Form and Evaluations to MTTU IV

Attached are fill-in-forms of the Enrollment and Evaluations for use by agencies, please maintain a copy for future use. To use the form click on the gray areas to complete them or click on the date to open the calendar, once completed you can print the forms.

All of the documents should be directed to


1801 Windish Drive

Galesburg, IL 61401