In house training by MTTU IV member agencies cannot be encouraged enough.  Often enough agencies have annual in house training. Due to the mandated training guidelines, as set forth in the Police & Community Reform Act implemented in January 1, 2016, it can benefit agencies to have in house training certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board and have the Mandatory Training Guidelines

Apply to their training.


MTTU IV has provided a set of instructions on how to proceed on obtaining Course Certification for in house training.


Name of course as it will appear on student certificate.

* A Course Description consisting of a course outline with specific topics to be covered.  Who the target audience is, and what the goals and objectives of the training are.

* Hours of the course to include start-time, end-time, and certificate hours.

* Instructor qualifications to include updated resume and/or bio.  A clear indication of

Education, training, and experience with relationship to the course content must be evident.

* Handout materials shall be provided.

* Does instructor/vendor have Workers Compensation insurance? If so, please provide

Copy to MTTU IV.

*All requirements are to be submitted to MTTU IV at least 30 days in advance of training.

*If necessary, MTTU IV and the Training Board shall have the right to go on premises to     audit and observe instructors and training sessions to ensure consistency with standards as it applies to certification. This includes in house training.


NOTE:  MTTU IV shall strive to complete vetting process in a timely manner so as to submit for Course Certification 45 days prior to next Sate Board meeting.