Mobile Team Training Unit IV has scheduled a PT BLE Academy with the Orientation on April 2, 2022 and the first full day of class on April 23, 2022 starting on June 26, 2021. Please contact Academy Director Bill Petentler at with any questions.

POWER TESTING: Agencies will complete the POWER test registration form to request a testing date. 

40-Hour Mandatory Firearms Training Course in now provided within the Academy for all recruits, even if they have previously attended a 40hour MFT course.       

Click here to download  ENROLLMENT DOCUMENTS for Phase 35 PT BLE 



The Part-time Basic Law Enforcement, (PTBLE) curriculum is 560 hours effective June 1, 2017.  Mobile Team Training Unit IV provides training based on the 560-hour requirement.   The Part-time Basic Law Enforcement Academy is a combination of online study and class attendance.  MTTU IV provides  mandatory classes that are held primarily at the Galesburg Facility. The Academy takes approximately nine months to complete.  Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

All officers must pass the Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) test prior to entry into the Academy.  The POWER test is offered periodically by MTTU IV.



  • No later than 6 months from date of hire – a new officer must
  1. complete the Illinois 40-hour  Mandatory Firearms Training (MFT) and
  2. “enroll” in the PTBLE Academy – by which the Board means the officer must successfully pass the POWER test conducted by the MTU
  • No later than 18 months from date of hire – the new officer must successfully complete the PTBLE Academy – which means passing the state certification exam.
  • Failure to meet either of these training timelines will result in the officer being forfeited by the agency and being permanently barred from part time law enforcement employment. They can still be hired but only as a full time officer.

For information and scheduling about POWER TESTING, the  PARTTIME LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING ACADEMY please contact the MTTU IV Office.