Providing cost effective quality training, serving Illinois and Iowa Police Agencies.

MTTU IV provides quality and cost efficient Police Training to the greater Illinois and Iowa Quad City Police Agencies. In addition, this police training is provided to County Sheriff Departments and many police departments in both Illinois and Iowa.

MTTU IV has provided training to law enforcement professionals for over 30 years. At MTTU IV we have a total of 39 contributing member agencies. Currently MTTU IV provides training to Illinois Police Officers covering 3 counties and 30 Police Agencies. MTTU IV also provides training to 9 Iowa Police Agencies in 4 separate counties.

Here at MTTU IV our staff is professional and courteous. The training that is brought to the facility is in response to required certifications and requests made by member police departments. The instructors who provide training are seasoned attorneys, law enforcement officials, and professional civilians who are all knowledgeable with the latest information to present to our officers.

MTTU IV is located in East Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois. The Mississippi River is the border line between the two states where Rock Island County borders the eastern bank of the Mississippi and Scott County Iowa borders the western portion. Due to such close proximity and mobility from one state to another, Illinois and Iowa police departments share common elements in their work which requires constant interaction with one another.

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Staff: Len Mendoza, Director | Bill Petentler, MTTU IV Assistant Training Coordinator