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MTTU IV - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
Mobile Team Training Unit IV - East Moline, IL
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Vision Statement

Based on the many experiences our police officers face today in our ever-changing world, we make a deliberate attempt to secure training that addresses these trends and developments. Our officers deserve the best training that will help serve and protect others and themselves. Our support for delivering the best training to our law enforcement professionals comes from our Local Advisory Board, the Illinois Training & Standards Board, and our communities.


Mission Statement

MTTU IV is committed to being of service to our law enforcement professionals by giving them the training tools they need to do their jobs effectively and safely in today’s challenging times.


MTTU IV member agencies have direct input into the training that they attend. MTTU IV plans and schedules its training based off an annual needs assessment survey that requires patricipation by its member agencies and is mandated by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board.

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