Address 1033 7th St #102 East Moline, IL 61244 Phone (309) 755-3271
MTTU IV - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
Mobile Team Training Unit IV - East Moline, IL

Agency Information

MTTU IV’s main administrative office and training facility is located at 1033 Seventh Street, East Moline, Illinois, 61244. MTTU IV’s satellite office is located at 1801 Windish Drive, Galesburg, Illinois, 61401, in Knox County. Both locations are live training sites.

MTTU IV functions as both an in- service training facility and a Part- Time Basic Law Enforcement Officer training academy. The in-service training is provided for active full time and part time law enforcement officers.

Public Act 89-170, commonly known as the Part-Time Police Basic Training Act allows MTTU IV to operate as a part time training academy. The Galesburg facility is the location of the MTTU IV Part Time Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy.

MTTU IV has several offsite training locations throughout its nine county region. These locations allow MTTU IV the ability to facilitate in-service training to accommodate member agencies that would otherwise have to travel long distances to attend training. See DISTANT LEARNING.

MTTU IV currently serves 73 Illinois member agencies within its nine county region consisting of Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, Knox, Warren, Henderson, Fulton, McDonough, and Hancock County Sheriff Offices. MTTU IV is unique in that it serves 8 Iowa member agencies. These agencies are given the designation of “Associate Members” by the MTTU IV Advisory Board.  Total MTTU IV membership is 81 consisting of approximately 1500 officers.

MTTU IV has 3 Illinois Correctional Centers, Henry C. Hill in Galesburg, Illinois River Correctional CenterCanton, and East Moline Correctional CenterEast Moline. There are also 2 Illinois State Police Districts, District 7East Moline, and District 14, Macomb. There are 4 major colleges/universities: Knox College in Galesburg, Monmouth College in Monmouth, Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, and Western Illinois University in Moline and Macomb, IL, and 3 community colleges: Carl Sandburg, Galesburg, and Carthage, Spoon River CollegeCanton and Macomb, and Black Hawk Community College, Moline and Kewanee.