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MTTU IV - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
Mobile Team Training Unit IV - East Moline, IL

Part Time BLE

Mobile Team Training Unit IV has reviewed the Survey on the need to offer a Part-time Basic Law Enforcement Academy in 2024 and the survey indicated there are enough possible recruits to continue the planning process.
Important Dates:  
January 5, 2024, Application Packet due, this includes the POWER Test forms. Link Application Packet Phase 37
January 2, 2024, Last day to register for Practice POWER Test
January 6, 2024, Practice POWER Test  Registration Link Practice POWER Test
January 27, 2024, POWER Test Galesburg YMCA
March 9, 2024, Orientation and first day of class.
Return all Signed Original Documents to MTTU IV, 1801 Windish Drive, Galesburg IL 61401.  Agencies may scan the documents to  but must also mail the original signed documents to be maintained in the recruit’s file prior to January 5, 2024
Payment: Agencies will be invoiced. Estimated cost will be $2,000-$3,000 depending on the number of recruits in the class.
Agencies should immediately begin their hiring process in anticipation of the POWER test for this class being offered January 27, 2024. It is imperative that all Agencies work with their recruits(s) to prepare them for the POWER test.  The date allows two months for recruits to prepare. MTTU IV experiences a 50% failure rate of the POWER test. MTTU IV will be forced to cancel the PT BLE Academy Class if the State Board requirement of 15 recruits is not met. will be canceled. 
Poor performance on the POWER test is a major issue in the Academy, please make sure your recruits review the process and practice the test.  This is a link to a video created by Chicago PD explaining and demonstrating the POWER Test.  CPD POWER Test Video