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MTTU IV - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
Mobile Team Training Unit IV - East Moline, IL

DL/PTB ID/Certificates

MTTU IV has its East Moline and Galesburg offices outfitted with Distant Learning technology. There are some off site facilities where distant learning is available.

Not every class will have distant learning; however, if a class has distant learning available, the posted flyer on the COURSES/REGISTRATION page will indicate the location and time of the training. When the designated training officer registers for a class, it is imperative that the training officer indicate which distant learning facility and the time that their people will attend.

The Police Training Board Identification Number (PTB ID#) of each Illinois officer is required when the designated training officer submits a registration. When the officers attend the training, the officer is required to place their PTB ID# on their enrollment form.

Upon completion of the course certificates will be emailed out to the training coordinators.