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MTTU IV - Mobile Team Training Unit IV
Mobile Team Training Unit IV - East Moline, IL

Courses/Registration Info.

Registrations are received through the MTTU IV website. The agency head or the designee are the only people authorized to submit the registration. All fields on the registration form are to be populated. It is an easy process that will allow you to register for multiple courses and officers all at one time.  Once you go to the Course/Registration tab, all courses are listed in course date order.  Brief descriptions of each class is available along with a class flyer. Click here to view the training calendar tab, you can click on the desired month and view each course that is offered.  You can click on the course and a “pop up” will appear containing a brief description of the class.  Click again on “more details” and a class flier will appear. If you prefer click “copy to my calendar” for a calendar reminder of the upcoming courses. Click here to view an alphabetical listing of current courses .  A link to each course flyer is provided.Courses highlighted in green are new courses, yellow have a low enrollment warning , and red the course is being considered for cancelation.  This document is updated periodically. Click here to view a course flyer packet. This course flyer packet is suitable for printing flyers for posting at your agency. Most times, for MTTU IV members there is no fee. We ask our non MTTU IV members to be mindful of training fees. The training flyer will reflect the cost of training. When a registration is successfully completed and submitted, a response is “kick backed” to the senders email indicating that that the submission was successful.